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Starting with the NYSE, the information in Stonk-O-very Tracker’s first section is very self-explanatory. This is the price closing from the New York Stock Exchange.

This is the price of the stock. SSR is an abbreviation for short sale restriction. The SSR stops short sellers from shorting a stock indefinitely. The SSR displays the price at which this rule was activated.
When SSR activates, it is usually due to a massive volume of shorting sending a stock’s share price down.

The SSR protects retail investors by activating when the share price of a stock falls below 10% from the previous trading day.

  • The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is abbreviated as FRA.
  • The FRA is the largest stock exchange in Germany.
  • The price displayed above is in euros.

What are call options in stocks?

Individuals who invest in AMC stock either buy the stock or call options on it. Call options are contracts that must be exercised by a particular date.
Because these contracts are typically marketed in ‘bundles,’ premiums are less expensive to purchase. Investors who purchase call options typically believe that the price of a stock will rise significantly in the future.

Calls ITM expiring:  This is the number of calls that will expire on the specified date.

If an investor places a striking price of $49 by the end of Friday and the price action on Friday is $55, the call option expires in the money, also known as ITM. Calls ITM expiring on Stonk-O-Tracker is the number of these contracts that will expire on the specified date.

Calls ITM: Calls ITM is the number of call options that will expire at a given dollar value.
According to the reference above, 21,823 calls are expiring in the money at $50.

ETF available Stonk-O-Tracker

An ETF is an exchange traded fund. These stocks, like index funds, aggregate a range of stocks in a bundle. AMC Entertainment stock is grouped with a few ETFs that can also be shorted.
The number of ETFs available is the number of ETFs that hedgies can short.

Trading data Stonk-O-Tracker

In trading data, the short percentage is simply the percentage of volume that is being shorted. The dark pool percentage represents the proportion of trade that occurs behind closed doors. Dark pools is the name given to this mysterious platform. Here is where short sellers might use extra shorting strategies. The SEC should investigate this since it is a deceptive method of shorting a stock. AMC and other meme stocks, in this example.

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The Stonk-O-Tracker AMC not only tracks the performance of AMC’s stock but also provides users with comprehensive information and analysis on the company’s financial status and possibilities. This section includes information about AMC’s earnings, revenue, and growth plans, as well as news and updates about the company and its industry.

CompanyAMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.
Ticker symbolAMC
Market cap$7.6 billion
Current stock price$9.26 (as of March 7, 2023)
52-week range$1.91 – $72.62
Volume44.3 million
P/E ratioN/A
Earnings per share-$12.45


Contracts that fail to deliver are those that do not execute in the pocket.

These are reported by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and are updated once the information is released.

This graph shows how many contracts failed to execute and at what closing price.

The SSR trigger information at the very bottom of Stonk-O-Tracker just shows the close price at which it ceased to be effective as well as the price at which SSR was triggered.

In conclusion

The Stonk-O-Tracker AMC is an essential tool for every investor who wants to stay up to date on the latest stock market events. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the world of investing, this tool can help you make sound decisions and stay ahead of the competition. So, why wait? Begin monitoring AMC’s stock performance right away to see how the Stonk-O-Tracker AMC may help you progress your investments.


What is a short squeeze?

A short squeeze occurs when investors who have bet against a stock (short sellers) are forced to acquire shares to recoup their losses, causing the stock price to rise.

What is AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.?

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. is a United States-based movie theatre business.

What is the Stonk-O-Tracker AMC?

The Stonk-O-Tracker AMC is a stock performance tracking tool for AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.

Should I invest in AMC?

Before making any investing decisions, you should always conduct your own research and consult with a financial professional. Despite AMC’s erratic stock price, some investors